Schizophonia denotes the split between an acoustic sound and its electronic production.
The expression comes from an idea that the use of headphones creates a conflict in your mind. The theory applies to any electronic source of sound. When your senses are supposed to cooperate and make sense out of an experience, the dislocation between what you see and what you hear confuses the brain.
Further more when you hear compressed sounds, the confusion grows bigger.
The result is exhaustion and the person in question will become irritable and tired. Schizophonia is a term coined by R. Murray Schafer to describe the splitting of an original sound and its electroacoustic reproduction.

Digitized sounds are compressed sounds.
The paragraph shows an overview of data sizes. As you see there is a vast difference in content according to media. Jasper Flemmings, a (find) known dutch scientist, explains how the digital sound environment is perceived by our bodies.

“Imagine never eating an orange, only tasting the extract. Imagine viewing an old painting through a digital low resolution image. That is what we are exposed to when we listen to songs on youtube, play sound from an electronic device such as a phone. The compression from the raw audio material is comprehensive.
The science behind our auditive processing in the brain is a territory yet to be decoded. In a world with a far more visual environment we need to be taught to listen.”