Humans are a product of nature thus could be considered part of nature. Except that humans have long-considered themselves to be separate and in conflict with nature. For that reason, a special category of the soundscape has been set aside for human alone, called anthrophony, it includes all of the sounds that humans produce, whether structured (i. e. music, theatre, film, etc) or entropic, as in the electromechanical chaotic and uncontrolled signals we generate by whatever means. Anthrophony has a profound effect on the natural soundscape and the featured organisms who play seminal roles in those habitats.
An example is the beluga whale, that after exposure to shipping, started assimilating the sound of an engine running.

The theory of Industrial Mass Psychosis takes its starting point with the industrialization.

Machines were introduced not only to the visual environment, but also to the acoustic soundscape. The machines altered the soundscape with mechanically produced acoustics. We are constantly in the presence of sound today, all around us, the digital and mechanical sounds are increasing and their presence is becoming more and more apparent.

Industrial Mass Psychosis is the idea that sounds from nature are flooded by industrial sounds. This creates a divide and the divide has several consequences.

While the visual regions of the brain have been intensively mapped, many important regions for auditory processing remain unknown. Researchers have (recently)identified the region responsible for a key auditory process-perceiving “sound space”, the location of sounds. The findings reveal a controversy. When the brain is exposed to electronic sounds a scan will show an intense increase in impulses. The brain is, so to speak, working overtime to interpret these signals. We get tired and confused. Failing the assignment of interpreting these signals the brain sends out; impulses that raise the white flag. This action result in apathy.

Apathy is the condition where humans are most susceptible for influence.
The industrial mass psychosis is the theory that our basic human system is getting compromised and becomes subject for other interests. In today’s society the sound takes great part in convincing our minds to ignore our original purpose.

The notion of Nature is though up for discussion, skeptics will challenge this theory by questioning the idea of nature. Seeing that Nature, the word derived from latin, can be defined as “essential qualities”. Nature or essential qualities is by some viewed as an ever changing value; that was natural 200 years ago doesn’t apply for the present.
Human are adapting to new ways of communication and some will argue that we, as humans, automatically regulate our system to reconcile the new conditions.